2014~current Columnist of TAIWAN CRAFT Quarterly/ ISSN 1017-6438  台灣工藝季刊

2015   Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2015, The Poetic imagination—Manon van Kouswijk's Jewellery and Object,Taiwan Crafts Quarterly,vol.57 , pp. 78-83.

Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_59_Manon van Kouswijk.pdf Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_59_Manon van Kouswijk.pdf
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Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014, 'Svenja John—The Evolution Of Color And Structure', Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, vol.55, Dec., pp. 86-91.

Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_55_Dec_2014.pdf Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_55_Dec_2014.pdf
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Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014, 'The Journey of Jewellery—JACQUI CHAN's Jewellery in the Urban Milieu', Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, vol.54, Sep., pp 76-79

Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_54_Sep_2014.pdf Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_54_Sep_2014.pdf
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Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014, 'Between Rational Technology And Perceptual Practice—The humanism of Digital Application in contemporary metalsmithing', Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, vol.53, Jun., pp 6-11

Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_53_Jun_2014.pdf Taiwan_Crafts_Vol_53_Jun_2014.pdf
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2013 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2013, "THE ART OF COLLECTING—The Observation of Estonia 6th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial", Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, September 2013, vol.50, p78~p81

2012 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2012, " Between Artistic Craft and Daily Object— The Observation of Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011", Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, February 2012, vol.44, p78~p83

2011 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2011, " Welcome Signs: Contemporary jewellery of Asia Pacific region— The Observation of the exhibition of World Craft Council in New Delhi", Taiwan Crafts Quarterly, August 2011, vol.42, p78~p81

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2015 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2015, 'The Infinitely Imaginary of Tapestry—The Australian Tapestry Workshop'

2014 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014, 'The Observation of 8th Korea Cheongju International Craft Biennale'

2014 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014,'The Fluidity of art jewellery—Aeon Profit - Piano Forte from Group A5'

2014 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014,‘Transplantation: A sense of place and culture- British and Australian Narrative Jewellery’

2014 Yu-Fang, CHI, TW 2014, 'Elastic Runway of contemporary art jewellery'